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Say goodbye to rats, mice, and other rodents! At Specific Pest Control, we don’t just eliminate pests, we deliver peace of mind. With over 7 years of experience protecting Melbourne homes and businesses, we’re your one-stop shop for effective rodent control. Our certified rodent specialists are Melbourne’s go-to team for eliminating unwanted guests. We utilize safe and proven methods to keep your property rodent-free, guaranteed

Don’t let these unwanted guests become a problem! Contact Specific Pest Control today for a free quote and experience the difference of Melbourne’s trusted rodent control specialists.

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Melbourne homes and businesses beware! Rodent Rascals are on the loose, causing chaos and chewing through your peace of mind. But fear not! Specific Pest Control is here, your one-stop shop for evicting these unwanted guests.

Here’s what sets Specific Pest Control apart

Targeted Rodent Removal: We identify entry points and strategically deploy treatments to ensure complete eradication.

Safe and Effective Methods: Our certified technicians utilize eco-friendly solutions to eliminate rodents while protecting your family, pets, and the environment.

Long-Lasting Results: We don’t just eliminate existing infestations; we prevent future problems with effective proofing strategies.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: We stand behind our work with a rodent-free guarantee.

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Melbourne's Trusted Rodent Control Experts

Guaranteed Commercial Pest Control in Melbourne: Our experienced team understands the devastating impact pests can have on your business reputation, employee health, and bottom line. That’s why we offer a comprehensive, Melbourne-wide pest control solution tailored to your specific industry needs.

30+ locations Victoria wide

We offer a wide range of local pest control services to fulfill the diverse needs of our customers in Melbourne.

Guaranteed Protection

Experience pest control with zero risk. Our services are backed by a Guaranteed Protection policy.

Expert Team

Our dedicated team of licensed pest control experts in Melbourne is ready to assist you.

Always-on support

When you choose Specific Pest Control, you can trust that your pest problems will be effectively and compassionately addressed.

How We can help?

We don’t just spray and hope for the best. Our expert technicians are trained to become “termite detectives,” identifying potential entry points and creating a bulletproof barrier around your property. Our treatments are long-lasting, but for ultimate peace of mind, we recommend regular inspections to ensure your home remains a pest-free zone.


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Have questions? We're your round-the-clock support team, dedicated to serving you whenever you need assistance. Our local experts are just a phone call or email away, available 24/7 to address any concerns you may have. Count on our highly trained professionals to guide you through the process, ensuring you're fully informed and prepared for inspections or treatments.

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Our pest detectives meticulously inspect your home, inside & out, searching for hidden clues (ant trails, sneaky holes). We target entry points & eliminate unwanted guests. Discuss options, get a quote & schedule a convenient appointment

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Our treatments are all customised as per the industry standards. Child friendly and pet friendly pest solutions | Experienced team of technicians | Environmentally safe treatment

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We have a separately designed policy for aftercare where we make sure our treatment is 100% effective and does not relapse back.
Advice for future care | Preventive measures

Melbourne’s #1 Rodent Pest Control Specialist

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We can assist with a wide range of bird species, including sparrows, seagulls, pigeons, Indian mynas, and common starlings, commonly found in various locations such as derelict buildings, under solar panels, ledges, and rooftops.

Bird spikes are safe and effective bird deterrents. They work by creating an uncomfortable landing surface, discouraging birds from perching or roosting. The spikes do not harm the birds but simply redirect them to other areas.

Electric shock treatment used by Specific Pest Control is a low-voltage method that prioritizes deterrence over harm. It’s designed to disturb birds without causing injury, making it a humane and effective solution.

Bird nests can pose health and safety risks. They can host parasites and attract other pests. Specific Pest Control’s Bird Nest Removal service ensures not only the safe removal of nests but also thorough sanitation for a safe and hygienic environment.

We are the leader Commercial Pest Control company in Melbourne. We will put all our experience to work for you in creating an effective defense against pests, rest assured that our dedicated team of licensed pest control experts in Melbourne is ready to help you out.

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