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What Does a Possum Eat in Melbourne? And How to Get Rid of Them if They Become a Nuisance

While possums are adorable creatures, they can become a nuisance if they decide to take up residence in your attic or munch on your favourite fruits. Let’s explore what possums typically eat in Melbourne and how to handle a possum problem if it arises.

Possum’s Dinner Menu in Melbourne

Melbourne’s possum population consists mainly of two types: common brushtail possums and common ringtail possums. These nocturnal marsupials are primarily herbivores, meaning their diet revolves around plant-based foods. Here’s a breakdown of their typical Melbourne meals:

  • Leaves: Eucalyptus leaves are a favourite, but possums will also enjoy acacia, wattles, and other native greenery.
  • Fruits: Possums have a sweet tooth and love to indulge in fruits like apples, pears, and berries. They might also target your veggie patch.
  • Flowers: Possums find the nectar and pollen of flowers irresistible.
  • Invertebrates: While uncommon, possums might occasionally supplement their diet with insects, snails, or worms.

What to Do if Possums Become a Nuisance

While possums are beneficial to the ecosystem, they can cause problems in your home or garden. If you’re facing issues with possums, it’s important to remember that possums are protected wildlife in Victoria.  Here’s what you can do:

  • Exclusion Techniques: Possum removal should be done humanely. There are exclusion methods that licensed professionals can use to safely remove possums from your property.
  • Secure Potential Entry Points: Once the possums are gone, seal up any holes or gaps in your roof, walls, or fence that might allow them to return.
  • Remove Attractants: If possums are drawn to your property because of a food source, eliminate it. This could mean harvesting fruits and vegetables promptly or securing your bins.

Specific Pest Control: Your Partner in Pest Management

If you’re struggling with possums in Melbourne, Specific Pest Control can help. Our team of licensed professionals  uses  humane possum removal techniques to solve your problem. We can also advise you on preventative measures to keep possums away for good.  Contact Specific Pest Control today  to  discuss your possum concerns and  discover a tailored solution.

Remember, possum removal should only be done by a licensed professional. Don’t attempt to handle possums yourself, as they can scratch, bite, and carry diseases.

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