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What Smell Do Possums Hate? Keeping Your Melbourne Business Possum-Free

Possums, also known as opossums, are a common problem for Melbourne businesses. These nocturnal creatures can cause damage to property, spread diseases, and disrupt your operations. Fortunately, there are effective solutions for possum removal Melbourne and possum control Melbourne.

Safe and Effective Possum Removal

While deterrents with strong smells like ammonia or mothballs may seem tempting, they are often harsh chemicals, ineffective in the long run, and potentially harmful to humans and pets.

For a guaranteed solution, consider professional possum pest control Melbourne. Licensed experts can safely and humanely remove possums from your property.  They also identify potential entry points to prevent future infestations, giving you peace of mind.

What Scents Repel Possums?

  • Possums have a keen sense of smell, and certain strong odours can be offensive to them. Here are some common deterrents:
  • Ammonia: This has a harsh smell that repels many animals, including possums. However, ammonia is a strong chemical and should be used with caution. It can irritate eyes and skin, and it’s not suitable for use around food.
  • Mothballs: While effective, mothballs contain harmful chemicals that can be toxic to humans and pets. They should not be used as a possum deterrent.
  • Natural Repellents: Thankfully, there are safer alternatives! Natural repellents like peppermint oil, garlic, cayenne pepper, and white vinegar can be effective. These can be used in sprays or strategically placed around your property.

Looking for the Best Possum Removal in Melbourne?

Look no further! Consider us your partner in possum pest control Melbourne. We offer:

  • Free Consultation: Our experts will assess your situation and recommend the best course of action for your specific needs.
  • Competitive Prices: We offer competitive rates for possum removal cost Melbourne.
  • Guaranteed Results: We stand behind our work and offer a guarantee on our services.

In addition to possum removal, we offer a wide range of commercial pest control services in Melbourne, including:

  • Cockroach control
  • Rat control
  • Bird control
  • And more!

Don’t let possums become a problem for your Melbourne business. Contact us today for a free consultation and a possum-free future!

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